TGIF snow ride home

The end of the first week of the new year is bringing snow to Chicago!

We’ve been enjoying a period of cold dry conditions since the thaw on New Years Eve – perfect winter cycling weather in my opinion – that I was tentative about heading out into the snow and traffic of rush hour on a Friday night. Fortunately I wasn’t alone in my commute and my fellow bike commuters this evening helped cheer the end of this week in the friendly ways only fellow bike commuters can.

Along my way I met Annie.

I road her wheel for a bit and then took the lead until our paths diverged. Riding with someone to see their line in the snow can help. A few riders blew past us but everyone has to ride within their own comfort level. A rider I met closer to home – Steven – agreed that there’s no need for us riders to take any unnecessary risks or rush anywhere tonight.

Luckily I only rode in enough snow to cover the ground but I still fear any drifts and what could be hidden by the white covering. Since the snowfall is so fresh, salt trucks are still making the rounds to all the major streets. The evening car commuters are helping to keep too much from accumulating so far.

snowy bike lane

Thank you to the fellow bike commuters I met tonight and to all bike commuters everywhere — you definitely bring joy to my ride.


  1. Chip Haynes

    Elizabth, if I EVER complain about the riding conditions down here in Florida, you have the right to come down here and slap me upside de head with a snow shovel.


  2. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Chip – ha! But you get those torrential rains… Hm.. I’ll come down your way anytime during winter.

  3. Dottie

    Glad to see you enjoyed your ride home. The snow was building up and flying fast on my way home and the ride was pretty crappy, with the driver who honked at me and the driver who almost right hooked me and the driver who passed within six inches of me without slowing. Too bad Chicago drivers are such d-bags because otherwise the snow was beautiful. Would have been a good evening to grab a beer with you and decompress. 🙂

  4. Walt D

    Main problem riding in the winter is that drivers tend to steer towards you since they are watching you. I know it’s sounds strange bit drivers do steer in the direction they are looking.

  5. Chip Haynes

    Elizabeth- I try to not ride in any storm big enough to have its own name, so yeah, our summer riding is usually limited. (Mighty nice here right now, though!) By the way, I learned to ride a bicycle in Fort Sheridan, just north of Chicago, back when Eisenhower was president. I remember the winters up there as being absolutely brutal. More power to ya!

  6. Graham

    I find it encouraging that there are some places in the U.S. where stopping to talk to a bicyclist at night isn’t met with fear and wild attempts at escape.

    Maybe if my handlebars were pink too, I’d get a better reception. What do we think?

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