Hello, Good Lookin’…

What do we have here? Why, it’s a bike we received to test out and share with you…a Breezer Uptown 8:


This bike checks off nearly everything on the commuter’s punchlist…fenders? Check. Dynohub and front/rear lights? Check. Internal shifting? Check. High-spoke-count wheels? Check. Full chaincase? Check. Carrier rack? Yep. Bell and kickstand? You betcha. About the only thing the Breezer Uptown 8 doesn’t come with is a waterbottle cage, but that’s quick and easy to add. Otherwise, it is a truly turnkey urban commuting machine — and I mean that literally because one of the other standard features is an AXA rear wheel immobilizer with a keyed release.

I unpacked and assembled this bike on Christmas Eve, and other than a quick Xtracycle trip to the grocery store and Sunday neoghborhood farmer’s market, this has been my sole around-town bike since then. In a few days we’ll put up our “first impressions” article with a comprehensive review a few weeks after that.

Why a step-through frame, you might ask? The folks at Breezer gave me the choice between a standard and this step-through version, and I chose the latter purely for kicks. Many Americans will wonder, “why’s that guy riding a girl’s bike?”…while more enlightened types will realize that no, this isn’t a girl’s model, but referred to as a “unisex” bike, or a “step-through” model, or “low step” bike, or simply just “a bike”. That being said, I’ve already been asked twice about it — once from someone who should know better.

Anyhow, stay tuned for more.


  1. Chip Haynes

    What a great-looking practical bike! Can’t wait to read your review, Jack. Also, I have to say I really like the way the frame is designed with that grab-handle tube just above the bottom bracket, making the bike easy to lift when needed. Also, the chain case is much appreciated. Very nice.

  2. harry krishna

    has the reliability issue of the nexus internal hub been addressed for this year’s edition? i’m leaning towards the uptown infinity on this one item.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Reliability issue? Of the Nexus? I’m not aware of one…please enlighten me.

    I got to test ride a NuVinci N360-equipped bike at Interbike, and yeah — the Uptown Infinity is the one I’d go for if I was in the market for such a bike.

  4. RL

    I used to get that comment when I’d ride the Torker Cargo T.

  5. Jennifer S.

    I considered this bike when I was looking to purchase last summer, but couldn’t find one anywhere remotely near me. I really wanted to ride it before I bought it, so I ended up buying something that I could test ride (Globe Live 2). I still like it, especially the chain case!

  6. Mike Myers

    If my commute wasn’t so long, the Breezer is the type of bike I would ride. It’s perfect for a short commute, while wearing regular clothes, even!

  7. Jeroen

    I love my AXA lock. There’s even a chain attachment which lets you loop it on to almost everything (including the front wheel).
    @harry. I have a nexus 8 speed on my farhrad manufactur T100 comfort. Great hub although I regularily slip through the 4th gear. Not cool but I just try not to use that gear when I’m really pushing it.

  8. Darryl Howell

    Great looking bike! Glad to see guys riding this style of bike now. Also, I’m not aware of any Nexus reliability problem. Have one in my Daily 3 and love it.

  9. arevee

    I’m sure it’s a very capable bike . . . but it’s not particularly nice looking with those fat aluminum tubes and plastic chaincase. Great for some, but I would have to pass based on looks. And I’ve ridden aluminum framed bikes that were very jarring. Yes, suspension can soften it up, but that adds weight. And when one does a lot of stop-and-go urban cycling, bringing that mass up to speed can become tiresome. Bicycle weight, while not that important in a commuter bike, does matter – despite what perveyors of heavy dutch-style bikes would have us believe.

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