Design a helmet! Clever Cycles & Nutcase ask YOU to ‘Bring It!’

Clever Cycles and nutcase are offering a chance to design your own helmet, See Below:

In coordination with Portland-based Nutcase Helmets, Clever Cycles invites you to take part in our “Design a Nutcase? helmet design contest.

The winning design will receive a $500 Clever Cycles gift certificate! We’ll also give a $5 gift certificate to everyone who drops off a design at our shop. Limit one certificate per customer.

We like Nutcase helmets because their thick shells and fewer vents make them more durable and protective than sport-oriented helmets, perfectly suited to the lower intensity of everyday urban riding in our cool climate. Instead of the usual faux-aerodynamic alien insectoid styling, Nutcases feature whimsical, ironic, sometimes loud, other times just plain pretty designs. Go nuts; any design can win. Mixed media, limitless themes — no subject is off-limits (as long as it’s family friendly). Just let it happen. Totcycle has the spirit!

  1. Download your entry form and create your design using the blank helmet on page two of the form.
  2. Print and drop off at Clever Cycles at SE 9th and Hawthorne before January 22nd, 2011.                 You can also email your designs to
  3. Come to our Winter Cycle party at Clever Cycles from 3-6pm on January 22 and see if your design wins you a $500 Clever Cycles gift certificate. Remember, every design submission will get a free gift card.

Download your entry form now!


  1. Steve Woods

    Just emailed in a design – the Headie

    I don’t live in Oregon (I’m a California guy) but if I win a gift card, I’d like to donate the $500 towards buying helmets for kids in need in your area…

  2. Chip Haynes

    I’m thinkin’ a “Crash Test Dummy” motif would be pretty cool.

    And hey, are these things available in the Tampa Bay area??

  3. Ghost Rider

    Nutcases are available wherever there’s an Internet connection. I have a stars n’ stripes one that I’m quite fond of.

  4. meligrosa

    I know of someone who was a nutcase that may need a nutcase… eeek
    **knarly bloody picutre alert:
    this is a cool contest, thanks for sharing!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Meli — it looks like Keith needed a face guard, not a helmet 😉

    I’ll join you in an “eek”…getting road rash on your face is no way to celebrate an otherwise wonderful ride!

  6. Chip Haynes

    When it comes to helmet colors, I tell people to look at what they notice when they are out on the road (whether they are cycling or driving). What colors stand out where you are? What caught your eye? That’s what color your bike helmet needs to be.

    Also, I try to avoid complex patterns that, at any distance at all, are just so much urban buzz and do more to hide the helemt than make it stand out.

    Riding a bike is no time to be a wall flower.


  7. VinceR

    @SteveWoods – That would be a very cool thing to do! I know a program coordinator who may take you up on that offer! Good Luck!!

    BTW – I confirmed, the Clever Cycles gift card CAN be used for web purchases!

  8. PhilGE

    ‘kay. Here are a couple of simple ideas:

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