Two Great Belt Drive Resources

Interested in learning about bikes with those cool belt drives you’ve probably heard a lot about over the past year or two? Well, go no further: our friend Paul Tolme let us know about a new blog by the folks at Gates Carbon Drive Systems — called the Carbon Drive System Blog. The blog is filled with tech tips, links to bike manufacturers using the Gates Belt Drive and many other useful tidbits.

Spot + NuVinci CVP buildup
(photo courtesy of Richard Masoner/

Another resource for consumers and fans of the belt drive system is — described as “The Definitive Source”. is packed with a complete listing of bicycles equipped with the Gates drive, product reviews and a host of other information.

Check them both out…I think we’re going to see a lot more commuter-oriented bicycles with the Gates Carbon Drive in the coming months as it has already proven to be a low-maintenance and robust setup.


  1. Jay

    Thanks for sharing these links. I expect my next bike will be belt drive, and these resources answer a lot of questions for me.

  2. harry krishna

    exactly what i want to see. i’m already sold. now, if i just can make this happen with a lbs.

  3. Belt Bikes

    @harry – Where are you located? Visit our shop finder at you may find something there (we’re working on building the shops database, its tough!) or checkout and look for your lbs that carries those brands.

    Thanks for the link, we’re excited about the Belt Bikes community.


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