Here in Chicago we officially have logged the third-largest snow storm in history for this city.

This blizzard has left about 20-inches of snow on the ground with significant snow drifts and hundreds of abandoned cars on north-bound Lake Shore Drive. Not to mention the thunder snow many Midwesterners experienced and the 60+mph wind gusts!

Luckily I did not have to venture out into the snow or the aftermath.
chicago snow

A few cyclists have been posting updates about their enjoyable adventures on their bikes today – including a calm bike ride down an abandoned Milwaukee Avenue and not having to share the roads with many (if any) cars (most of which were likely buried in).

In the meantime, I continue to monitor local riding conditions via our local bicycling network – The Chainlink’s discussion board – and the Chicago Biking Conditions and Advice Wiki.

I’m just thankful to not have been a part of the epic snow-in on Lake Shore Drive.

I miss my bike and I think may have a touch of cabin fever. Luckily the infamous Groundhog – Punxsutawney Phil – predicts an early spring!


  1. Jay

    My wife and I rode about 8 miles up and down Lincoln Avenue today, basically from Montrose down to Clark and back. The road was mostly clear, though pretty slushy in some parts, and traffic was about as good as you’ll ever see on Lincoln during daylight hours. Good times.

  2. Chip Haynes

    What is this thing “snow” of which you speak so endearingly? It looks much like our “sand”.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. It was 75 here today and we’ve got the windows open right now. In truth, I lived in Fort Sheridan on the lake north of Chicago a very long time ago, but I still do remember the brutal winters up there.

    Good luck to one and all! Ride safe and stay warm.

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