Enough already?

To echo my friend Dottie’s post yesterday at LGRAB, I must say that I’ve had enough – not necessarily of the cold weather, but of the stingy ill side effects of the harsh cold I’m feeling in my sinus passages. Luckily, Dottie has been organizing monthly brunch meet-ups for local Chicago ladies who ride bikes and I was finally able to join the fun this past Sunday. Fellow cyclists and bike friends really are an inspiration.

So are freshly baked cinnamon rolls…
cinnamon rolls

And sharing the ride…
ladies who bike

After brunch, Martha of the photo blog Bike Fancy asked to take a photo of me with my bike. Of course! So… Toro and I happily posed for a winter photo op and today Martha featured us on her blog!

I love riding my bike and miss riding for sheer enjoyment without the sting of the cold and without the need for all the layers or the slick and snow-impacted road conditions.

You’ll notice my bright yellow jacket in the photo. Yes – it keeps me visible, but it also adds a splash of needed bright sunny color to what can become an otherwise drab winter commute.

UPDATE: If you would like to join us for the next brunch or simply join the group’s main communication, please consider joining the newly created Women Who Bike group on The Chainlink.

The next women-who-bike brunch will take place on Sunday, March 6. Dottie just posted her take on the February “event”.


  1. Ghost Rider

    E, I LOVE the boots you’re wearing in your photoshoot on Bike Fancy — details?

    One thing I didn’t understand about Dottie’s post about winter weather is that she was afraid of being mad at her bike…I can understand being tired of snow and wintry weather, but the bike is blameless, isn’t it? No point in getting mad at it; in fact, folks should be happy that their bikes don’t require digging out (usually) and are far less maintenance-intensive than a car in this weather.

  2. Iron_Man

    I’m done with winter. I’m tired of my eyeballs hurting, taking 20 minutes just to get dressed, leaving for home in the dark, freezing toes, turning my head like Batman in his old cowl because I got so much gear on and the constant stressful tension that comes from riding on sheer ice. Other than that I’m having a blast though.

  3. Elizabeth

    @Ghost, The boots are my Bogs — acquired last season on sale from REI. πŸ™‚ The rubber exterior keeps most of the grime off of my feet/ankle area. And the neoprene liner keeps my feet warm. I’ve only recently started wearing them this winter season (post-snowpocalypse in Chicago); up until last week, my Goretex lined trail shoes were enough.
    (Dottie mentioned at the end of her post that bad attitude got in the way and that her ride really wasn’t that bad. No need to resent the bike.)

  4. Elizabeth

    @Iron_Man – glad you’ve got that upbeat attitude to get through the rest of winter. πŸ˜‰

  5. Dottie

    Cinnamon rolls!!!!

    Hopefully some local Bike Commuters readers will join us next time. πŸ™‚

  6. RL

    Wow I complain when the weather here drops to 50…great job E!

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