Bicycling news in SoCal

Got a few excerpts for you…

This is one of the biggest news to hit:

Bicycle master plan is expected to be approved by the L.A. City Council
It’s been a long ride, but bicycle riders’ push for for new routes and services is paying off. The plan calls for 1,680 miles of interconnected bikeways.

Read the LA Times for more info.

When it comes to drivers and bicyclists in Orange County, it’s as if there are two warring tribes.

The problem is one tribe brought a flyswatter to what might as well be a gunfight. And many in that tribe act like they’re invulnerable if not invisible.
Article Tab : beach-newport-department-
Patrol Officer Brice Hardy of the Newport Beach Police Department stop cyclists along Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach early morning on February 24 and gave them written warnings for not stopping at a red light in Corona del Mar.

Yes, the tribe seriously outmanned and lacking any defensive armor is the cyclists.

The tribe with one and two-ton speeding steel steeds? The drivers.

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  1. harry krishna

    the town i live in has a bicyle plan, too. and a few years later, money is spent on consultants to produce another plan. so i will no longer support a plan that doesn’t pay consultants until some part of the plan is implemented. yeah, i know that ain’t gonna happen.

    as far as the newport beach standoff, i read this
    and come to the conclusion that everyone needs to obey traffic laws. i stop at stop signs; what’s the problem?

  2. Dacius

    That is great. If a state with such an abysmal budget can still afford to make their roads safer for cyclist, then why the heck can’t every other city. Maybe we should make all the mayors get in a bike wreck.

    On another note: did anyone else hate thte tone of that second article? I guess I understand that CA laws are different than Florida laws…but the tone of the article was Bikers BAD….oh and cars sort of suck also.

  3. Sam

    I’ve seen more and more cities making interconnected bikeways lately and though I know we’ve got a long ways to go, it gives me a lot of hope. But yeah, I agree with the h.k above that everyone should obey traffic laws, both bikers and cars. Bikers will always cheese off drivers if they don’t follow the same rules.

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