Too Sick To Bike?

For the past week I’ve been battling (yet again) my sinuses. And because of it I’ve been off my bike (and even sequestered away at home a few days too).

It’s a weird feeling to not be biking, but I honestly haven’t had it in me.

The thought of breathing in the cold damp air has me running for shelter. My sinus passages are just that sensitive at the moment. And my teeth/gums feel sensitive too. Not a good combo to be breathing in the great outdoor midwest winter air. All of specialists who tend to my healthcare (general practitioner, dentist, eye doctor) all know about my bike commuting lifestyle and never have discouraged my riding. In fact, they do what they can so that I can keep riding.

In the past I’ve biked through sickness (having no limits to my biking parameters) but this time I’m listening to my body – which is screaming “mercy” – and resting… Resting from being always on the go, resting from being out on the bike. Surprisingly, I think I’ve been too sick to miss it much, but now that I’m going back to work for a full day, I think I will.

What has sidelined you from your bike and how have you dealt with the time away from your bike?