After being sick for over a week, I woke up this morning itching and antsy for a return to my bike. Despite the rainy forecast and my lingering sinus “issues”, I pumped up Toro’s tires, lubed the chain and set out this morning – happy to be actively engaged in my commute again.

As I rode along, I realized it’s Friday and thought “TGI – BIKED!” Yes, Thank Goodness I’m Biking…. only one week off of my bike and I was already desperately missing my 2-wheel ride.

After finishing my workday yesterday feeling miserable, I decided that today’s determination to stay home sick or go in to work would be solely determined by my ability to ride. And I simply just wanted to ride!

So… Happy Friday! Have a safe bike commute home.


  1. Mir.I.Am

    Yeah Elizabeth!! I like the TGIB. If I cut out on my commute for half bus/carpools, the antsy pantsy-ness only leads to massive consumption of sugar and desserts. Biked to work in the rain today and halle-freakin-lujah TGIB!!! loving it.

  2. Mary Westmacott

    Hope your feeling better soon, I’m sure getting back on your bike will do you the world of good, Don’t worry about the rain, a good bit of moisture in the air will only benefit your sinuses. Thanks for posting again, keep it up M. x

  3. BluesCat

    I, too, have had a head cold for the last week, courtesy of a coworker.

    I, too, have had to forgo riding because of it.

    I have found that I am a grumpy old man as a result.

    I have found that today, when I was finally able to get in around 5 miles this morning, a tow my granddaughter around in the Schwinn Scout this afternoon, I am a much better guy!

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