“Urban” Segment seems to be growing according to BRAIN

JT Burke, brand manager for Breezer Bikes, said that not only are bike suppliers expanding their lines, component brands are also bringing innovation to the table. “Shimano has its new Alfine 11-speed hub and SRAM is talking about some new technologies as well,” Burke said. “This wasn’t the case in 2002,” when Breezer turned its focus to transportation bikes.

While the fixie segment has flattened out, steel is gaining popularity as the material of choice, according to Raleigh’s Brian Fornes. Internally geared hubs are also more prominent in Raleigh’s lineup for 2011.

More and more consumers are looking for one bike to do it all, Fornes said, pointing to the Misceo, its top-selling bike with 29-inch wheels, front suspension or rigid fork and muted graphics. Retail price starts at under $500.

“The urban segment is definitely an area we see the most growth in,” said Fornes. “We’re focusing on bikes to run errands and that are more attainable and realistic in terms of price point for consumers.”

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