Back in the saddle

Once again – still… – I’ve been dealing with illness — and resulting time off the bike (and off of work). Not too long ago, I posted about being too sick to bike. Then – with a sudden burst of energy and need to be active – I did return to my bike for a mere few days before landing myself in bed for another week of being sick.

I’m happy to report that so far this week I’ve been riding again, but I’ve decided to “go lite” and have changed my cargo set-up. I’m just carrying my seasoned (err – old) trunk bag instead of a pannier that’s just too easy to fill up with stuff and weigh me down. Several years ago, I also stopped using backpacks due to neck and shoulder pain.
trunk bag

My pannier set-up – (photo taken last fall with my waterproof pannier)
pannier set-up

My pannier set-up from just before I got sick –
market pannier

Unfortunately it’s also limited my side-trips on the way home to grab groceries, since I’ve left no room for extras. At this time, I think that’s just as well.. since the last time I reported that I was back on my bike I did end up sick again. No need to overdo it.

Traveling lighter has been a refreshing way to go. I’m considering it a “spring cleaning” of sorts. No extra baggage.

What’s your preferred method of carrying your stuff while biking?


  1. NoRacer (Isaias)

    Get well, Elizabeth. This winter has taken it’s toll on many. Btw, my commute is 50 miles round trip. Here’s part of it:

  2. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Isaias – Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

    50 miles is quite a haul. If I move, I know I’ll likely have a longer commute… and I’ll need lots of motivation to keep going through winter. Enjoy your ride. (couldn’t view your route, tho).

  3. dukiebiddle

    I always seem to get exhausted when I “go lite” because I can’t resist the urge to sprint. When I weigh the bike down I go a lot slower, take my sweet time accelerating, and never seem to get winded.

  4. Ghost Rider

    +1, Dukie! That’s exactly my experience!

  5. Elizabeth

    for me (still recuperating), I just enjoy feeling less resistance… I’m still pedaling in a lower gear. It is easier to get going, though… with less “baggage” and all.

  6. Jed

    Depends on the load: I have a utility trailer and a kid trailer I can tow behind my short DF or my ‘bent, which both have pannier racks. Or, if I have to lug kids and cargo (or I want to go easy on my knees) I use my XtraCycle which has a 22T ring and 34T cog for lugging boys, groceries, and picnic goods.

  7. bleevo

    Love the chaincase! i wish these were more common and i like seeing ideas like the cannondale onbike

  8. rechuck

    Bummer being ill but always good to get back on the bike. Good luck. I ride a Globe Live3 and the front basket/rack is my primary means of transporting extra stuff. Beyond that I use a Acorn large saddle bag for my everyday kit.

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