Preview: Detours Tobe Handlebar Purse

Just in time for spring and being out more (socially) on my bike, I received in the mail a new purse designed specifically for cyclists:
mail-tobe purse

I’ll be reviewing this Detours Tobe handlebar purse and letting you know just how well it handles itself both on and off the bike.
detours tobe - in hand

You can see that as packaged it fits in my hand, so it will lend itself to my “go lite” bike trips.

Stay tuned for the complete review.
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  1. Archergal

    I’ve admired this bag at REI more than once. I’ll be really interested to hear your thoughts on it.

    Though I do wish it came in some other color than brown…

  2. Elizabeth

    @Archergal – it does come in other colors (blue and orange) … check out the company’s site:

  3. harry krishna

    as a “seinfeld” veteran, i think i’ll call this a “european carry all”.

  4. Ingrid Niehaus

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m your contact for Detours. I made the initial contact with RL. Let me know if you should need any further info, etc.
    Ingrid Niehaus

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