Too Expensive to Lock

The other day there was an email going around regarding some local bike advocacy meetings happening at a near by college. The email distribution list is huge and what it basically does is ask people to show up to city council meetings, lectures and the like.

On the day of the meeting, one of the people on the mailing list was venting because he had to pay the $15 parking fee at the college. Some asked in response, “Why not ride your bike rather than drive your car?” He replied by saying, “It’s a $1600 bike, I don’t want to leave it on the bike rack with a lock…”

So here’s what I’m thinking, and stick with me on this until the end. But many bike commuters out there will typically ride bikes that don’t exceed the value of a few hundred dollars. Years ago we took a survey asking our readers how much are they willing to pay for a commuter bike, the answer was around $550. I don’t know about you, but for me, I’d rather ride a $500 bike and lock it up on a rack rather than taking my $3000 bike. Why? Well, for the same reason why that guy didn’t want to leave his $1600 bike…thieves.

This brings me to the next point, why would you buy/ride a $1600 commuter bike. I guess there’s a few schools of thought on this, one would be the minimalist who can ride a converted mountain bike as a commuter bike. Two, the guy that wants to spend money on internal geared hubs, leather saddles and etc. Finally three, the roadie/cyclocross commuter who wants to get there fast.

I’m not here to judge what kind of bike you ride and how much you spent on it, but I’m curious to know for the folks who have spent some good coin on their bicycle investment, aren’t you worried about it getting stolen?

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