Great use of a toe clip strap

Just today I strained my forearm. I was busy doing bunny hops for a work photo we were taking and I’m assuming that the multiple attempts finally took a toll on my forearm. Then later on in the afternoon, my daughter and I went out for a tandem mountain bike ride, but I noticed that my are was still in pain. So I ended up grabbing a toe clip strap and cinching it onto to the problem area. This little trick actually helped out tremendously with managing the pain.



  1. Dacius

    Ok now….don’t go getting carpal tunnel riding a bike. Haha!!!

  2. Mike Myers

    Looks like tennis elbow to me.

  3. RL


    Is that what its called? All I know is it hurts when I do a pulling motion.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Probably a simple muscle strain, but a chronic pain in that location is indeed tennis elbow as Mike suggested.

  5. PhilGE

    Bunny hop elbow?

  6. RL Policar (Post author)


    Haha, yes indeed it is!

  7. Mike Myers

    RL—does it hurt when you do a gripping motion? Tennis elbow will give you a pain which radiates from the elbow to the forearm(top of forearm) to the wrist. I have spent the last six months rehabiliting my weightlifting-caused tennis elbow. It sucks. Hope you don’t have it.

  8. harry krishna

    leave it on. not only will you be a fashion plate, but also prepared for a snake bite.

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