Torker InterUrban: Sea Otter Classic 2011

The Torker InterUrban has to be one of the best priced (based on options and groupp) road/commuter bikes available. Retails under $600, gives you all the features of a road bike and extras to make it a great commuter bike.

Redline Sea Otter 2011

Redline Sea Otter 2011

Redline Sea Otter 2011

Redline Sea Otter 2011


  1. Elizabeth

    I love the color! Red bikes are best! 🙂

  2. Brandt

    I think I just found my next bike!

  3. Mike Myers

    Wow. That is a heck of a bargain. Under six hundred dollars? How? Looks like the frame is a combination of a Surly Cross Check and a Surly Pacer, and made from the same material. Surly sells them for $400+. Amazing job speccing the bike, Torker.

    Does anyone have experience with the Sora STI? They have to be really inexpensive to bring this bike in so cheaply. Are the Sora brifters going to be a weak point? I like bar end shifters, and can’t help thinking cheap bar ends would be more durable than cheap STI.

    Still, if I wasn’t already set for commuter bikes, I’d be all over the Torker. Nice shiny paint job, smart frame design, good tire clearance, what’s not to like?

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