Whitey Von by Banjo Brothers

I love the white backpack that Banjo Brothers offers, its called the Whitey Von. It will sure add to visibility when you’re on the road.

Retails $89.00 and if its anything like their traditional backpack, this thing should last you years on out. If backpacks aren’t your thing, check out their panniers. I’ve got one of those too, the Market Pannier to be exact, LOVE IT!


  1. Brandt

    I have a Market Pannier too, and I love it. It’s very durable. I do have two problems though.

    1. My bag flew off my bike one day after going over a speed bump too fast, and it got run over by a car before I could retrieve it. The bag is still fine, but one of the plastic casings that the side straps ran through broke off completely, so now I have one side that can’t compress like the other side. It’s not totally a big deal since I always have stuff in the bag, but occasionally it’s empty, and I don’t want it bulging out when it is. What kind of place do you think can fix this for me? A bag store?

    2. The plastic cover to one of the hooks came off (I didn’t even know it could come off). The hooks for the bag started chipping away some paint off my rack (with the covers), and now it might happen at a faster rate without the cover.

    This Whitey Von bag looks promising. I’ll definitely consider it when I need a backpack.

  2. Raiyn

    Perhaps if it were orange.

  3. Mike Myers

    How stain resistant or easily cleaned is this backpack? I would think if someone rode a fenderless bike in the rain while wearing this pack, it would be a dingy grey in no time. It is sharp, though. Orange would be much more visible, but not as stylish.

  4. harry krishna

    an unusable inner tube (which i define as flat after 3 patches; your standards may be higher) cut into strips makes a great rack wrap. the first attempt will be ugly, but a redo will make it clean and neat. i thought sunlight would quickly rot the wrap, but i get a couple years use out of a good wrap.

  5. Raiyn

    @ Mike
    I’m riding a bike to work, not down a fashion runway.

  6. Sam

    I have their large black backpack. It rocks. I can fit so much stuff in there.

  7. Elizabeth

    Love Banjo Bros panniers. My first pannier was their Waterproof Pannier, which I’m still using (despite obvious wear and tear). Just last fall I invested in the Market Pannier and love it too! But I second Brandt — “The plastic cover to one of the hooks came off (I didn’t even know it could come off).”

    I lost the plastic covers within the first 10-days of using my new Market Pannier! And now the hooks catch on my clothes when I have it off the bike.

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