Cucumber for your Commute?

This was posted on our sister-site…wait, why is it called “sister?” Why not “brother” or cousin…? Anyhow, check this out. It’s something you may want to try for your next commute.




  1. harry krishna

    it is a good point. i do own a polar bottle, but when i consider the meager volume, i am hesitant to reduce it further. in fact, i think the bottle only keeps water cool because you have to refill so often.

  2. Jim Tolar

    This is an outstanding idea. A welcome change from every other thing that changes the taste of water (most of which make it too sweet for my tastes). I’m going to try putting some cucumber in my Camelbak!


  3. Beerfart

    Warning Jim, Camels bite!

  4. Ghost Rider

    I am totally gonna try this!

    @Harry — a large Polar Bottle holds 24 oz., same as an uninsulated bottle. I love mine (scored a bunch of freebies at Interbike last year) and they have proven their worth in the scorching Florida sun.

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