SOAKED=Lovely Day!

I got SOAKED riding home last night – what a LOVELY time!

No sooner did I unlock my bike to head home and the skies over Chicago opened up and poured down huge rain drops on me. A grin immediately crossed my face and I knew it would be a fun few miles commuting home by bike. By the time I got home, the rain had ceased. I encountered a few wind gusts along the way that kept me vigilant and my hands never left the handlebars… but since I had the roads almost to myself, I found myself singing the song Lovely Day all the way home. Am I nuts? I think I’m appreciative of the finer things in life – like a refreshing rainy bike commute without a care about getting wet. Aaaaahhh! (My shoes and bike gloves were still drying this morning.)

These folks know what I’m talking about — bikes abound = a lovely day.

Lovely Day


  1. Ben

    Glad you had fun…..I have yet to get stuck in a major downpour….but I welcome the opportunity…

  2. Dacius

    Absolutely. Being on the road while it is pouring is similar to biking in the cold. It shows you mean business. You are not messing around and daggumit you are going to make the nest of what nature has to offer.

    Rain slows down the cars, it cools you off, and it makes you feel like you are a kid again. I live in Florida and afternoon thunderstorms are a regular occurrence in our neck of the woods (current drought would beg to differ). But there is no better feeling to me to see the people waiting under the awning dreading the 30 foot walk to their cars and I blow right past them in all my soaked glory

  3. Rob

    It started raining at mile 7.5 of my 9.5 mile commute, so I put on my raincoat at the light, figuring it was better to be safe than sorry. That was all well and good, but then I started getting hailed on (pea-size, according to later reports).

    Fortunately there wasn’t a lightning storm I rode into (though there was quite a bit of thunder… and really, really big raindrops). Lots of fun, though after I rode through it I determined the raincoat didn’t really help me all that much.

  4. Ghost Rider

    I’m right there with Dacius — in Florida, as long as the rain is warm, I am OUT THERE in it! It’s cooling, and frankly, it makes me feel like a puddle-jumping child again and is therefore quite liberating!

    The bane of my existence, though, is getting stuck out in the cold rain. I do NOT like being cold and wet, and am not designed physically to handle that well at all…

  5. Elizabeth

    @ Ghost — that’s why I relished this refreshing spring rain…. and dread the fall and early spring chilly rains. Welcome to the Midwest. 🙂 Just need the right gear, right?

  6. Mixk

    Living in the UK rain is something you live with and learn to love it or hate it ! I wear a light weight rain jacket to work if it is raining (or looks like it will) on way home the jacket only goes on if it starts before I get on the bike ! commute is short at 5 miles (around the 25 min mark as it is across the ctr of town and they do love there robots !!!!)

  7. Roy

    Elizabeth, What is that you’re wearing? It is some kind of rain skirt/kilt? and ,no, you’re not nuts to be singin’ in the rain!

  8. Elizabeth

    @Roy, it’s s twizzle skirt from the Canadian company Under-the-Weather - It’s a wrap-around skirt and I love it!

  9. Craig

    I started suffering allergies for the first time in my life last summer and I find biking in the rain is the best time for me to ride. The pollen and stuff seem to be so much less during rains and my head and lungs seem so much clearer. I live in northern Minnesota and on our first nice 60 degree day and sunny I went on a longer bike ride then my commute and for 3 days after I was a snot making machine so now I cherish every ride I can get when it’s raining.

  10. Inner Prop

    It didn’t rain on me in Lake County, commuting from Lake Bluff to Mundelein last week at all. Oh yeah, I skipped Thursday because of the lightning.

    I’ve made a goal of 75 bike commute days and I’m recording it on my blog.

    Getting wet going home is a lot easier than getting wet going to work. Getting wet going to work AND getting wet going home is really pushing it for me.

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