Levi’s Gets Into the Bicycling Game

I had read a brief mention of this over at All Hail the Black Market, and I thought it was part of a joke. Behold, it’s for real:

Cyclists no longer have to arrive at their destination looking like a wet rag and needing a shower. As more people take to commuting and traveling by bike — for both health and environmental reasons — some clothing companies are stepping up, offering office-ready clothes that don’t have to be wrung out upon arrival…

…Guess who else is getting in on the action? Levi’s. The venerable San Francisco company introduces its Commuter Series: a 511 Skinny Jean (full length and cropped) and Trucker Jacket specially designed for cyclists.

Check out the full article by visiting the Los Angeles Times.


  1. City Bike

    I think the whole notion of arriving at your destination all sweaty has always been one of the main reasons folks avoid biking. Love that Levis is engaging.

  2. Mir.I.Am

    Umm, this is awesome… However, I do just wish that it was acceptable to wear sweaty spandex as work clothes! Then I wouldn’t have to change ever. People could just wear spandex always like the fat humans in Wall-E! 😀

  3. Velotex

    Great concept – But is it comfotable to cycle in jeans? That would be my only concern. Jeans tend to chaff ones thighs! So…you might look good arriving at work, but you won’t be feeling to great with a rash between your legs!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Velotex — we’ll be getting a pair of the 511 jeans to test out. I am a bit skeptical, myself, although I’ve ridden in jeans plenty of times with no “serious” problems.

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