New 14lb Commuter Bike From Wabi

Just got word from our friends at Wabi Cycles about their newest model to hit their line up. It’s the new 650C Lightning. It’s a really cool bike for the 4’9″- 5’3″ crowd- and 14.1 lbs out of the box!


  1. JeffS

    What made you choose to call that a “commuter” bike?

  2. RL Policar (Post author)


    You’re beating a dead horse.

  3. Elizabeth

    Would “fit” me perfectly.

  4. Mir.I.Am

    @JeffS: recipe for “commuter bike” take 1 part any bike you like and 1 part rider and ride to work thoroughly. Easy!! I’ve ridden a $20 used BMX with a bald back tire and coaster brakes to work: the “Firestorm” was my commuter bike for the day!!

  5. Elizabeth

    Mir.I.Am – love the recipe! So easy, anyone could do put the two together. In fact, I’d modify “rider” to read person to pedal. 😉

  6. Mike Myers

    To be fair, we would really just call it “a new 14 pound bike from Wabi”.

  7. RL Policar (Post author)

    All I know is, 14lbs for a bike to commute with is very impressive!

  8. Ghost Rider

    Hmm…in this case, I am with JeffS and Mike. This is a bike that weighs 14 lb. Nowhere on Wabi’s site description of this model is the “c word” mentioned, so I wonder if we’re just being provocative here for kicks? Obviously, this can be a commuter bike, but here the label isn’t needed.

  9. Dan

    Just because an item can be used for a purpose, doesn’t mean it is intended for, or ideal for, such purpose. This bike isn’t a “commuter” bike. It is a track bike that somebody will certainly use for commuting.


  10. JohnnyK

    To get an idea of how lite this fixed gear is take a look at this site not that I would call a fixed gear or single speed a commuter however they are light and low maint. bikes so if this is your thing go for it.

  11. Alan Selk

    It’s a commuter for the land of Oz….. where it never rains, so no need for fenders….. there are no hills and everyone is a young hipster so no need for gears….. no need for racks or basket (gasp) as no one every carries anything on their bike (banish the evil thought).

  12. Ghost Rider

    @Alan — or, it’s a commuter for someone who has a selection of bikes to choose from, picking the right one for the job at hand. Obviously, not all of us get to do such a thing — for many, ONE bike has to be able to do it all and your points about accessories can be valid in that respect.

    And wait, you mean it’s against the “rules” to carry something in a backpack or bag? It HAS to be on the bike or the dreaded commuter police will round us up and send us to internment camps?

  13. Mir.I.Am

    My bike is a road bike with gears and NO RACK or FENDERS… Used to do the rack but switched it out for backpack. I also (typically) change clothes when I get to work so don’t mind the skunk stripe or the sweaty back. But there are plenty of folks who commute short distances (with short legs?!) on flats that would be into this Wabi 650.

  14. Moe

    There is no kickstand on this bike! No self-respecting bike commuter would be caught dead without one!

  15. cafn8

    Wow, 14 pounds. Just think: it would be even lighter if they flipped that stem and left out that huge stack of spacers. Nice looking bike.

  16. Pelle

    Nice looking bike. But in Sweden it would be illegal. Bikes here must have two inedependent brakes. Riding with only one brake would scare me.

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