The Unlikely Contender

Meet my other commutable-bicycle, its my Redline Proline 24 BMX Cruiser. I typically use this bike at the local BMX track and I love it!
But it got me thinking, why limit the use of this awesome bicycle to the BMX track? Why not use it for in-town commuting and bike-errands?
The Proline 24 is pretty light, around 25lbs, its quick, nimble and very FUN to ride.
One of the great things about riding the BMX bike as my in-town commuter is that it makes me feel young as I pedal it around. It totally reminds me of my youth and I consider that a plus because I can escape the stresses of the world and for a brief period, I can forget that I am an adult, business owner, father and husband. When I’m on the BMX, I’m just a kid riding a bike and that puts a smile on my face.

Anyone else here use an unlikely commutable-bicycle?