The Unlikely Contender

Meet my other commutable-bicycle, its my Redline Proline 24 BMX Cruiser. I typically use this bike at the local BMX track and I love it!
But it got me thinking, why limit the use of this awesome bicycle to the BMX track? Why not use it for in-town commuting and bike-errands?
The Proline 24 is pretty light, around 25lbs, its quick, nimble and very FUN to ride.
One of the great things about riding the BMX bike as my in-town commuter is that it makes me feel young as I pedal it around. It totally reminds me of my youth and I consider that a plus because I can escape the stresses of the world and for a brief period, I can forget that I am an adult, business owner, father and husband. When I’m on the BMX, I’m just a kid riding a bike and that puts a smile on my face.

Anyone else here use an unlikely commutable-bicycle?


  1. locus

    Ooh, ooh, I do!

    On several days a week, I can be found commuting the mean streets of Washington, DC on a Surly Big Dummy.

  2. RL

    Big Dummy Rules!

  3. Elizabeth

    My old Purple Schwinn from my parents’ garage that first got me back into cycling as an adult. Though I don’t ride it much these past few years, it’s got sentimental value and got me through my first few years of bike commuting! 🙂 I can honestly say it was my “first” bike love.

  4. dial tone

    The 1980’s called. They want their bike back… LOL

  5. Ghost Rider

    I commuted on a Dyno BMX cruiser to my first “real” job in Tampa — the overall distance was perhaps a bit too long for such a machine to be practical, but LORD was it fun. Plus, I could go out on my lunch break and shred all the structures around downtown.

  6. Jesus Christ

    Dial Tone…if that really is your name. But I know its not…anyway, don’t be hatin’ on my boy RL for his white and gold themed BMX bike. The Lord likes it.

  7. Gar

    You got me all misty thinking about my Schwinn SX 100. I think I was the first on the block to have red mag wheels which blinded everyone to my lack of skills. Defintely would need those heavy duty rims today.

  8. Sam

    I go everywhere on my Kona Unit. Steel, single speed, 29×2.1 tires. Of course I upgraded to Hayes hydraulic disk brakes and a White Brothers carbon rigid fork.

  9. Iron_Man

    My full suspension 2001 Jamis Dakar Comp gets a lot of action in the winter snow on the studded tires I made. It’s like the cycling equivalent of commuting to work in a Hummer H2. I’d rather ride my hardtail, but it’s in need of work.

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