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The following article popped up on my daily Google Alerts bike roundup…a very well-written, heartfelt, and enjoyable article by Jenn Lindsay about the changing attitudes of one cyclist on the mean streets of Boston:

Bike commuting is like a very high-risk video game. Not only are the motorists and pedestrians complete space cadets, but bike commuting has evoked a level of rage and recklessless in me that I never imagined was there. But it’s there. Right at the surface: raw, poised to attack, and loud. Foul-mouthed, selfish, entitled, impulsive, and sweaty.

In short, not my best side.

Some of the language is a little spicy, but it fits with the tone of the essay. Please visit State of Formation for the rest of the article, and let us know if YOU’VE had a “sea change” in attitude as you became a bike commuter. We’ve talked a bit about this topic here in the past, and we’re always thrilled to hear from other readers how they handle the troubling things they encounter on their routes. Drop your comments below, and I hope you enjoy Ms. Lindsay’s essay as much as I did.