Bicycle Backlash in NYC

My, my, my…the bicyclists in New York City have it rough. Over the past few years, bicycle use has EXPLODED in the city. With that tremendous growth comes the seemingly-inevitable backlash (dubbed by some pundits in NYC tabloids as the “Bikelash”), something we’ve talked about here on in the past.

As new bike lanes sprouted along New York’s streets, there was an effort by some residents of Prospect Park (and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn) to have those lanes removed. Luckily, a State Supreme Court judge ruled against the residents’ lawsuit this past week.

And, as more cyclists took to the streets, the NYPD made a concerted effort to crack down on two-wheeled scofflaws, which didn’t always pan out well for them (or for law-abiding cyclists, either). Bike Snob NYC has written quite a bit about the crackdown, and you may have read about the woman allegedly stopped by police for wearing a short skirt.

Well, now there appears to be a growing debate between pedestrians and cyclists about conflicts on bridges in the Big Apple. BreakThru Radio made a short video documenting some of this clash, and they asked us to share it with you:

Should Bikes Be Banned From The Bridges? – BTR Pulse [ep39] from BreakThru Radio TV on Vimeo.

And, to offer a sobering counterpoint to this perceived backlash, an article recently appeared in bike industry magazine Bicycle Retailer that examines more closely the “bikelash” and the media hype surrounding it. It’s worth a read, so click here to check out that article.

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