Riders’ Collective…and a Special Treat

There are a handful of really great online bike magazines…and Riders’ Collective is one of my personal favorites. So, I was happy to hear from publisher Paul Kramer recently when he asked if he could republish one of the articles from our archives for the August issue.

That article was titled “Commuter Racing“, published in March 2008 and written by one of our guest contributors, Jack Elder. His article preceded the “Category 6” commuter racing phenomenon, which we also wrote about a while back.

Anyhow, swing on over to Riders’ Collective for a look — the article now includes photos to accompany the words. You can view the August issue online or click here to download it to your computer. The August issue is chock-full of goodness, including a haunting photographic/poetic look at abandoned bicycles. If you’re unfamiliar with Riders’ Collective, you owe it to yourself to catch up on your reading, and you’re in luck: the back issues are available for download here.



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