I’m seeing RED

One of our biggest supporters of is Banjo Brothers. We’ve know Mike and Eric since they first started many years ago. Every time we see them at Interbike, we make sure to meet up with them so we can feature their new products. For the 2011 Interbike show, Banjo Brothers is planning on releasing red colored bags. Not only do they look sharp, but it helps with overall visibility because it stands out quite a bit while you’re on the road.

The freshly re-designed 01090 saddlebag panniers from Banjo Brothers. $59.99 at your local bike shop.

“The freshly redesigned #01085 Banjo Brothers Market Pannier is the James Brown of Panniers – the hardest workin’ pannier in the bike biz. Groceries. Hell yes. S24O or light touring. Damn Straight. It’s takin’ what your givin’ ’cause it’s workin’ for a livin’. $49.99 Retail at your LBS.”

“The 2000 Cubic Inch Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag retailers for $79.99 and includes a padded laptop sleeve and a phone holster. You can look good and not break the bank.”

Make sure you check out The Banjo Brothers Facebook Fan Page for more info.


  1. no1mad

    I’m digging the look of the redesigned saddlebags. IMO, the flap over and strap with buckle closure is an improvement over the zippers. And did I see a handle/haul loop on there as well?

  2. Elizabeth

    Would be even better if the saddlebags offer a carrying strap — it’s not always convenient to carry by a simple handle.

  3. Banjo Brothers

    Elizabeth, the bags also come with a shoulder strap.

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