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The folks at recently posted their 50 most influential bike blogs list and we at are happy to continue to rank in the top 50.

As noted from the latest top 50 posting:

Back in May 2010, I published the first list of Top 50 influencers in the blogosphere. With Interbike so close, it felt appropriate to refresh this list, which has grown considerably. Like last time, this partial list only looks at blogger influence and not twitter, Facebook or soon Google+ influences.
Watch the Cycle Chic Movement: Denmark Cycling Chic (TM) Copenhagen (9th in 2010) dethroned Bike Snob NYC this year, and there’s a very good reason. At least 11 of the Top 50 cycling bloggers here are women…. This sub-community is rocking the blogosphere, or shall say women are rocking it! Women bloggers are a definite force to be reckoned with in the cycling world.

Even though has dropped a few places (last year we were #13, this year we are at #29), we now do have the female influence that seems to be all the rage. Mir.I.Am and myself (Elizabeth) are happy to reach such an influential and growing segment of the cycling demographic. The creator of the list mentions “cycle chic” and why it’s so hot and influential and hip right now.

We at have not typically focused on cycle chic – per se – but recent news items and observations have been capturing our attention lately. I refer to Mir.I.Am’s July post about ladies braving the streets.

Observationally, on my ride home last night, I was inspired by coming upon three other lady cyclists waiting at the intersection with me — no boy cyclists in sight — and all of us on a different style of bike and in different style of clothes. I thought to myself, “how cool are we? Cycle ladies unite!”

Also I received recent inspiration from a friend who posted on Facebook about logging a whopping 200-miles on her new bike this August! Hells yeah! Way to go! Way to boast and share the pride that comes along with being active and out on two wheels.

So, while we may not offer the glam shots that come from the blogs of Copenhagen, we like to think we bring our own unique perspective to the table for fellow bike commuters. We do give props to our friends over at LGRAB who launched from 29th to 4th place in the top 50 rankings this year. We joke that we actually helped launch the careers of Dottie and Trisha, but the truth of the matter is that they didn’t need any help from us!

Whether in the news, observed, or from first-hand experience, anything that motivates others to get out and ride and take notice of riders is what IS cycle chic! It inspires!


  1. Dottie

    I love Chicago women and our diverse styles! Like you, I always get a thrill when I notice that all the bicyclists around me are women, although most of the time it’s the other way around (all men).

    Thanks for the shout out! Those BC profiles were and still are so exciting to me and Trisha. 🙂

  2. Ghost Rider

    Dottie and Trisha — both of you fully deserve the “shout out”, AND the placing on the Extanz list.

    Now, if the crew here could only be a bit more chic…there’s hope in Elizabeth and Miriam, but let’s face it: RL and I just don’t have what it takes.

  3. Mir.I.Am

    Elizabeth – Maybe it’s time we ask the readers to submit more commuter profiles or guest articles!!! Are you a cycle chic reader? Or I could do some sweet “realistic” photoshoppies of RL and Ghost Rider on dutch city bikes with tweed hats!

  4. Elizabeth (Post author)

    M –
    I could share more cycle chic stories …

    But I like to think we already are CHIC. We’re out there inspiring others just by being who we are. I’m certainly not going to change just because Chic is in.

    In fact, there’s a very practical reason I don’t ride a Dutch style city bike — I will not haul such a beast up my narrow back steps to my apartment! It’s why I don’t ride my step through frame more often — just not as easy for me.

    But I have enjoyed such rides and certainly encourage everyone to try to get out for cycle chic date night and to use their bike for everyday errands whenever possible. 🙂

  5. Ghost Rider

    I am with E — ain’t gonna change for nobody just because it’s the hot thing right now.

    That statement is NOT to disparage anyone practicing or writing about cycle chic; honestly, my feeling is that cycle chic represents a maturing bike culture, where people are actually wising up to the possibilities of using a bike for everyday transportation regardless of what they’re wearing or where they’re going.

    Still, I ain’t particularly chic no matter how I try, so I will continue to inspire via other means 😉

    And @Mir — we’ve got a backlog of commuter profiles ready to publish, but if you want to round up some more, go for it.

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