In Memory of Val Kleitz

We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Val Kleitz, one of the most charismatic and passionate bike friends around. Val fought a two-year battle with cancer and died at age 51. The bike world is a little darker with the loss of someone so knowledgeable and friendly.

(photo from our friends at Car Free Days)

I never had the pleasure of meeting Val in person, but we corresponded over the years via email and he was a regular reader/commenter here at Val was a tremendous inspiration to me and many other cargo bike riders, and eagerly shared his insights to anyone who asked. He was always coming up with better ways to do things by bike and his passion was infectious. And, from what I’ve seen and read over the years about his bikey exploits, he always did it with a smile…and a waxed moustache…and a cowboy hat. The man had style, no doubt!

Take a spin on over to Car Free Days for a touching tribute to Val…in eloquent words that I could never string together so well. And, if you’re in the Seattle area, 20/20 Bikes and Aaron Goss are hosting a memorial ride/wake for Val tomorrow at noon. Details on that ride can be found by clicking here.

You will be missed, Val…thanks for all the inspiration and wisdom you passed down to me and so many others.


  1. Vincer

    I was fortunate enough to know Val. He was a customer of mine when he owned The Bike Smith in Seattle. He closed his shop to go work for Seattle Bike Supply for a few years. I spoke with him last September here in Portland at the BikeToBeerFest event put on by Hopworks. After all the years between our conversations, he still remembered me! He was a genuine guy, mustache and all. He will be missed.

    Pedal on my friend, pedal on…

  2. Vincer
  3. db

    Sad to read this. Condolences to his family and friends.

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