Bike Share Program Coming to NYC

Of all the cities in the United States, the one that seems most likely to have (and need!) a bike-sharing system is New York City…the most densely populated major city we’ve got. With over eight million people crammed into an area around 300 square miles, there’s barely enough room for cars, let alone all those teeming masses of humanity. Bikes DO make a lot of sense there, and a bike-sharing program even more sense.

Good news, though — Alta Bicycle Share, Inc. has been chosen to establish a city-wide (Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn) system of 10000 bikes in 600 stations:

Bike share will offer New Yorkers a new public transportation option for short, one-way trips that is meant to fill gaps with self-service bike stations located every few blocks. Research shows that 40 percent of trips made by residents are under one mile; 54 percent are under two miles, and 67 percent are under three miles.

New Yorkers and visitors will be able to pick up a bike at any station, 24 hours a day, and ride to a drop-off station near their destination. Smartphone apps will allow users to find out about bike and station availability in real-time. The bike share stations will be solar-powered.

Check out the full article by clicking here, and visit Alta Bicycle Share for more information and details on how it’ll all work when it rolls out in 2012.

The crew here at is a huge fan of bicycle-share programs, and we’ve written about BIXI/Nice Ride in Minneapolis, B Cycle in Denver, Bikestation Long Beach in California, a novel bike-sharing concept called SoBi in New York (current operational status unknown), and the granddaddy of them all, Velib in Paris.

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