Interbike 2011: Planet Bike

Met up with Chris Follmer of Planet Bike. Jack had asked me to make sure I went to see Chris and give him a hug…and so I did! For those of you that don’t know, Chris is one of the coolest people in the bike business. Super nice guy, always very helpful and fun to hang out with during Interbike.
Before I start showing off pretty Planet Bike stuff, I wanted to post this photo. I stood there looking at it thinking it was one of those 90’s posters where if you looked at it long enough, a 3D image would pop out…but I learned that it wasn’t and Chris in his graceful way, gently explained to me that it’s just a regular poster…

Capt. Safety and BRT Straps

New colored cages.

Silver and brass Courtesy Bells.

25g…yes I said 25g Co2 cartridge.

Truth be told, I forgot what this thing was called.
But its big enough to store 2 apples for your ride!

Next up we have some Winter Gloves that have something special inside…
Inside is another glove made out of fleece.

Here we have the Deputy U-Lock with an anti-BIC lock-picker.

Before I end this post, I’d like to show Chris Follmer once more…why? It’s because he’s Super, nuff said.

Chris was profiled back in 2008 as part of our “commuter profile” series.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    I looked this article first on my phone, and I couldn’t make out the “A” on the trippy poster…I thought it said “Super Flesh Turbo”, which is cool too!

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