Interbike 2011: Da Brim

Sorry to say, but this was the goofiest thing I saw at Interbike….its called Da Brim. But I have to say, it does serve its purpose in the hot sun and as funny as I think it looks, I know that there will be people who would love it.


  1. Raiyn


  2. Mike Myers

    I can see it becoming fairly popular with bike tourists. Riding the Southern Tier in summer could call for a generous amount of sun protection. Pretty dorky, though.

  3. Paul

    Something similar has been available for construction hardhats for years.

  4. ha1ku

    That might be the greatest garment accessory since this!

  5. Iron_Man

    It would also be a hit with those that love to work in the garden under a full sun, but require greater impact protection as well.

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