Fixed or Not Fixed? What do you ride?

For many of us Bike Commuters that are out there, we may be riding a fixed gear bike as our main commuter bike. Personally my commuter bike is the Redline 925 in which I have set it up as a fixed gear. I have the option to run it as a freewheel, but I simply like the fixed gear better.
Redline 925 Brown

Our very own Jack Sweeney is a Fixed Gear Bike Commuter himself, so that means if he’s doing it, it’s gotta be cool!

So let us know if you’re a fixed gear bike commuter, fill us in on where you ride and what kind of bike you commute with.

On a side note, when I was a young pup growing up in the Philippines, one of my uncles wanted to get into track racing. All he had was an old 10 speed that he converted over into a single speed. Since he couldn’t afford a “real” track bike, my other uncle welded the freewheel so it wouldn’t spin backwards. It worked! That was my first exposure to a fixed gear bike, at the age of 4!

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