5 year long term review of the Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag

I’ve had the Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag since the first year they opened, so if my calculations are right, around 5 years. I believe this item has to be the longest that we’ve reviewed any product.
Banjo Brothers

For starters, the Pocket Messenger bag can be purchased from Banjo Brothers for $7.99. It comes in one color, black. In the past few years I’ve used this bag to carry just about anything that would fit in there, from keys to groceries and beer. I’ve never had it tear at the seams nor the straps fray and break. In fact it’s so convenient that I use it on a weekly basis as my lunch sack.

It’s perfect for short quick trips and because you can fold it up, you can store it in your back pocket or your seat bag and not worry about it. When you’re ready to use it, just bust it out and BANJO, you’ve got a bag!
Banjo Brothers

Having the Pocket Messenger Bag is super convenient and I recommend to everyone that they get one. It’s easier to bring this little bag rather than having to bust out the panniers or other bags just to bring home something small. Besides at $7.99 the cost of ownership breaks down to $1.60 per year…not bad if you ask me!

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