LED By LITE: Taking Orders!

Just got word from LED By LITE that they are taking orders for their cool light system. We first introduced you to LED by LITE at Interbike. Their products created such a buzz with bike commuters everywhere.
Well the great news is, you can get a set for your bike! Here’s the email I received from Brandon Smith, President.

We recognize you as a leader in the Bicycle community and want to let you be one of the first to know about our new 360 degree light system going for 30% off at KickStarter.

We’re specializing in top of the line bicycle illumination with our patented design. It is strong enough to not be affected by a down pour of rain and can withstand the weight of a 4,000 lbs vehicle driving over it.

Our 30% off sale starts October 14th – November 28th, through our Kickstarter website. To all those who have been watching and waiting for a Lite System, pre-order yours now through Kickstarter. Be a part of the See & Be Seen community and support LED By LITE. Feel Free to forward along this link and spread the word.

To know more you can find us at www.ledbylite.com

We appreciate your time,

Brandon Smith

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