Luck of the bike

During my commute yesterday from one meeting (out of my office) back to my office I realized I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses. I had them with me for the earlier commute to my meeting; where had I left – er… lost – them!? I called co-workers to please check around for my sunglasses – both in the space where we’d met and out at the bike racks, but everyone came up empty handed.

I felt lost this morning without my usual gear. It’s just not a good feeling to lose something you like.

I just happened to be back at that off-site meeting location again this afternoon so I looked around again. On my way in, I thoroughly inspected the bike rack area and even kicked around the leaves, thinking maybe the glasses had gotten hidden by the foliage. Then I retraced my steps indoors.

On my way back out, I again retraced my steps, arrived at the bike racks….. and look what I found!

Feels so good to find what was lost.


  1. Brandt A.

    I wish I had your luck…I took the sane steps as you but couldn’t find them. I figured someone pulled the “finders keepers” thing, so I just ended up getting another pair, since I depend on it so much.

  2. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @ Brandt – I figured someone had walked off with them too! I’d just about given up hope but had come to terms with the fact that it was out of my control…. and then – there they were! If it makes you feel any better, I did lose another pair several years ago – just outside my place – and never did find ’em. Never did exactly replace them – they were a pair with interchangeable lenses. Miss those.

  3. Ghost Rider

    I lost an expensive pair at work…set them down somewhere, never to be seen again. I suspect one of my former coworkers has a really nice pair of Oakleys in their possession now. :/

  4. Rob E.

    My bike tipped over when I was trying to hurriedly put on a rain cape. I picked it up and kept going and only later realized that my U-lock was gone. I tried to identify the place where I had tipped the bike about an hour later, but I couldn’t find the lock. Two weeks later I was biking along and saw my lock looped over the post of a fence along the road where I had tipped. In spite of the fact that it was a combo lock that had the combination dialed in (so someone could have simply taken the lock and used it), someone had put the lock up where I could find it and spun the combo so it wouldn’t be an attractive item for anyone who didn’t know the combination. I was very excited and very appreciative of the person who had saved my lock for me.

  5. Chris

    So the question begs to be asked. Did you leave them on the rack or did some nice person place them there for you to find?

  6. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Chris – I did not leave them there… unless they landed there after falling from wherever I had them perched.

  7. Guy

    That’s why I won’t buy the expensive stuff.


    I have tye same problem with rear blinky lights… Lucky if they stay with me for more than 10 months!!!

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  10. Sophia

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