Preview: Slipnot Bicycle Tire Chains

During Interbike RL scoped out the Slipnot Bicycle Tire Chains.

Now if (…err… when) Chicago gets the snow this year, I’ll be ready to rumble to work, even over unplowed streets – with the Slipnot Bicycle Traction System.

Slipnot made a video of riders enjoying winter snow riding without any slippage.

I’m hoping my winter here isn’t that bad, but when the snow falls, at least I can say I’m ready. Heck – maybe I’ll just have to take my bike out for some off-roading fun with these chains. Usually the city streets I use to commute are pretty well-plowed. (Note: this traction system is not intended for use on bare pavement.)

Tire chains come in a mesh bag for washing and should work with any braking system.

I’ll let you know if installation goes as smoothly as advertised:


  1. Ghost Rider

    No slippage, eh? From 0.43s to 0.47s, the young lady riding the bike has both her brakes locked up and is sliding across the surface of the snow.

  2. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @ Ghost – Good catch… I missed it. Not supposed to lock up the brakes during use of these…

    Per the disclaimer: “The Following are some activities that can cause unnecessary wear to your tire chains: Locking your wheels when braking β€’ Driving on bare pavement that is not covered with snow or ice β€’ Hitting curbs β€’ Installing the chains improperly”

  3. Elizabeth (Post author)

    Just give me a Surly Pugsley for my winter bike πŸ™‚

  4. PhilGE

    I’ll be putting on my Nokian Hakapeliitta W240’s this weekend. Don’t have to worry about riding on the pavement with those – at least not when commuting! The chains look good, but I wouldn’t use them. My commute consists of riding down a long alley, a brick-lined road, then a combination of well-plowed and rarely plowed paved roads. This will be my fourth winter using them and they’ve performed well for me so far.

  5. Steve A

    So, how much do these bad boys cost? Unlike studded tires, these only go bad when you USE them which is a major factor in North Texas and Western Washington…

  6. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Steve A – if we go by the photo RL took of the product in its packaging at Interbike, the retail price is $85. I will confirm.

  7. no1mad

    Interesting design, but not practical for my needs.

    I did visit the website and can confirm pricing is $84.99 for the 26″ sizes and they are taking pre-orders for 29ers for $94.99.

  8. Steve A

    $85 seems a bit spendy for something that won’t work on my bike. Perhaps I can talk you lot into reviewing the products I found and noted via the website link? The Kool Stop chains look like they might kick these new guys’ keesters.

  9. Bud

    What about clearance under fenders?

  10. Elizabeth

    @Bud – let me get back to you on the clearance. Mild winter has led to few good test occasions. πŸ™‚

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