Get those lights ready!


Just a friendly reminder for those that live in Daylight Saving Time areas (that’s most of you in the United States). With the time change, it’s possible that your evening commute just got plunged into darkness or twilight. Remember to be seen!


  1. PhilGE

    …and after reading about a car/bike accident that happened around 5:45 this evening (see link), make sure you use your lights as the sun’s getting low. Just because you can see doesn’t mean drivers can see you. It’s especially bad if you’re both riding/driving into the sun and and can’t see you.

  2. Ordinary Bob

    Bring it on! I am looking forward to the Zen of night riding.

  3. Noah

    Absolutely! Some friends of mine try to do a 30 mile (give or take) night ride every month. We stress reflective gear and lighting. It’s a no-drop ride at an easy pace most of the time, and over the years, we’ve given several people the opportunity to test their lights out for longer periods (up to about 3 hours) and several of them have said they feel a lot more confident riding at night afterward.

  4. harry krishna

    good time to repost links for bright,affordable lights. i no longer believe that is an oxymoron

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