“Bicycle Friendly” Sticker Initiative

You may have seen mention of this on other bike blogs, but it’s worth sharing here, too.

Dave Grigsby, cycling coach for Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky, has come up with a great way to both spread bicycling friendliness and help fund his team’s efforts by selling “Bicycle Friendly” stickers. Here’s a short video describing the initiative:

Place one of these stickers in a prominent location…on your mailbox, business storefront or anywhere else cyclists are likely to see them — and cyclists in need will know that it is safe for them to stop for help!

I am hoping to get some more information from Mr. Grigsby — how he came up with the idea and some details about his cycling team — in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the website at Wearebikefriendly.com (still under construction, but more details are added every day).

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