Cobra Tire Tool Review

I recently took delivery of this new fandangled product called the Cobra Tire Tool.
Here’s how it works:

Now that you get the idea on how its supposed to work, I decided to test it out on my Soma Double Cross. The video shows it being used on side pull brakes, but my CX bike has canti-lever brakes. Here’s a photo of the tire brand/model that I used.

I flipped the bike upside down and went to work.

I had to undo my brakes to gain extra clearance.

It even worked on the rear triangle of the bike.

I was genuinely impressed on how well the Cobra Tire Tool worked! Basically it uses the wheel as leverage to get the tire off quickly. So why would anyone need the Cobra Tire Tool over a traditional tire lever set? For one its far more convenient. You only need one Cobra Tire Tool than the 2-3 standard levers. Secondly, I also believe its quicker to use the Cobra Tire Tool over standard levers. Overall I think they’ve taken a great idea (the standard tire lever) and made it better. Kudos to Cobra Tire Tool for doing so!

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