Santa Monica, Peak Oil and the Global Energy Outlook

I spotted a good essay in the Santa Monica edition of Patch today in my Google News feed. In the essay, there is some discussion of the Santa Monica City Council’s bold Bicycle Action Plan and the ribbon cutting on a new high-capacity bicycle parking facility (the largest in the nation at 360 spaces).

The essay goes on to talk about how bicycles fit into the global economy and the author states:

What I don’t think our society has quite come to terms with yet, is how drastically economic, ecological, and cultural shifts will be shaping our transportation reality. These emerging shifts are demanding more serious consideration for bicycling in urban transportation. Riding a bike will be viewed as an increasingly logical response for people trying to manage our high levels of unemployment, stagnant wages and climbing fuel and food prices.

Some of it is preaching to the choir, but the way the author lays out his case is worth a read. Take a look at the full essay by visiting the Santa Monica Patch page here.

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