Give the Gift of a New Beginning via World Bicycle Relief

Tis the season of giving and receiving.

My local bike shop is busy this season building up bikes for kids – acting as Santa’s helpers when it comes to the gift of new bike! Since even Santa loves bikes, he’s asking for your help to give the gift of a new bicycle, too, via a contribution to World Bicycle Relief.

My colleague’s passion for WBR (which also happens to be a SRAM organization headquartered in Chicago) has inspired me to expand my concept of “giving a bicycle” to include “empowering someone with a bicycle.” I wouldn’t be better able to express the reasons for giving to this cause any better than my colleague, so I’ll share his words.

Raul Nino has expressed to me that “as a committed bike rider, and someone who wants to do good by others, I think that WBR is a very good way to do so. I know personally how much better my life is because of my physical, economic and psychological commitment to bike riding, it’s heartening to know that by donating a bike through WBR I can help improve the lives of my fellow human beings. The bicycle is a noble machine, and we are ennobled by it through our right actions, and right thoughts. Helping others is always the right thing to do.”

This holiday season I hope we all can experience the joy of giving (or receiving) the gift of the noble bicycle. Whether you donate to WBR, your local bike advocacy group or give a bicycle as a gift to someone in your own life, I wish everyone the richness of a bicycle.

As noted on the WBR donation page, all donations received through December 31st are matched $1 for $1, so your contribution goes twice as far this season!