Looking for a bike shop? Great Bike Shops has you covered!

This popped up in my inbox this morning…a handy online search tool that helps us locate bike shops throughout North America:


The site is known as The Bike Shop Directory, and it’s a simple, yet handy, tool to locate a local shop. There are over 6000 listings, and it’s easy to submit shops the site owners may have missed. This search tool is incredibly handy for those who have relocated to a new city or are traveling and want to check out the bike shops at their destinations. Check it out.

I’ve also implored the site owners to come up with a mobile version for smartphone users…forget Angry Birds, I want a bike shop locator app on MY phone!!!


  1. Tom

    It would be better if it didn’t look like a generic squatter website… 🙂 I see a dozen sites a week that look just like that when I flub typing a url or don’t narrow my search terms enough. If I’d encountered it another way, I’d have assumed it was just trying to trick me into downloading a virus.

  2. Chris

    Hey Tom,
    I appreciate the constructive criticism, being more of a developer than a designer I have a habit of focusing too much on information rather than presentation. I will definitely look into acquiring the help of someone who can refresh the look at some point in the future.


  3. Elizabeth
  4. Mike Myers

    Great idea, but I checked my area and there are motorcycle shops listed. Linking to the shops’ websites would also be a good idea, IMHO.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Mike — yeah, there are a few glitches (duplicate/incomplete entries). I agree that adding links to the shops’ websites would be a fantastic addition….whaddya say, Chris?

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