Employer says you can’t ride to work?

I stumbled across the following in my daily bike newsfeed… presenting KC metro area motivational speaker and bicycle commuter Corinna West with a lengthy and well-researched essay entitled “How to overcome your employer bicycle commuting objections“.

Such a thing has never happened to me, and I hope it never happens to you…but I can see how some employers, fueled by a well-meaning but misguided sense of concern for an employee’s safety or the fear of liability, could try to put the kibosh on two-wheeled transportation to and from the workplace. If such a thing happens, Ms. West’s article provides the ammo and gentle persuasions to help overcome the situation. Take a look at it by clicking here.

We’ve recently discussed whether bike commuting can seem unprofessional, and this issue sort of goes hand in hand with that — one of many potential hurdles a bike commuter may have to face when choosing two wheels over four.

We’d love to hear if any of you out there in reader-land have faced such challenges…please leave your stories, comments and thoughts below.

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