Limited Edition Walz Cap-Wool!

Check it folks! A Limited Edition Wool Cycling Cap. This piece of Americana can be yours for the low low…and I mean low price of $30 (which includes shipping to anywhere in the US; yes, that includes Hawaii and Alaska. Last I checked, they’re still part of the US).

Now if you’re going to whine that “$30 is too much money!”, well it just means you’re a cheapskate. But if you thought, “Wow $30, I can get a genuine Cap and it’s made out of WOOL! Then sign me up!”…than means you’re alright in our book and you’re probably handsome or beautiful…or both.
walz orange2

So don’t delay, we only have a small # of these caps. Which means, once we’re sold out, we’re not making them again. Keep in mind that the money we make through the sale of the caps won’t make us rich. It’s merely a way for us to keep the lights on at the World HQ for With that in mind, we thank you for your continued support and if you do get one, please send us a photo of you wearing the cap…and we prefer it if you were wearing pants…we receive too many photos of naked bike commuters. Alan from Florida, yes we got your latest photo…

walz orange

By the way, I forgot to mention that these caps are hand crafted right here in the USA!



Head (inches)

Hat Size

21 1/4″ – 23 1/2″
6 3/4 – 7 1/2

Large/Extra Large:
23 1/2″ – 25″
7 1/2 – 8


  1. Matt L.

    Can ya help out a cyclist with a sizing guide?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Straight off the Walz website:

    From pinheads to melon heads or those in between, we’ve got a cycling cap that will fit. Unlike most cycling cap manufacturers we offer two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large (see our size chart below for all the details). If our two sizes don’t fit, you can even return the cap and order an extra small or extra, extra large and in the blink of an eye (well, maybe a week or two) we will ship it out to you.


    Head (inches)

    Hat Size


    21 1/4″ – 23 1/2″

    6 3/4 – 7 1/2

    Large/Extra Large

    23 1/2″ – 25″

    7 1/2 – 8

  3. Mike Myers

    Ordered mine. This will make Walz cap #4. Great caps. I’ll still probably wear my old grey corduroy Walz cap most of all, but the BC cap will go in the rotation, next to the cotton BC cap.

  4. Elizabeth

    Sadly, I think I fit into the XS sizing category, but I still look forward to this cap. 🙂

  5. Cherilyn

    LOVE this hat! Thanks for offering, and applause to you and Walz!

  6. Doug Jesseph

    Ordered mine! Happy times on the horizon.

  7. Raiyn

    Sadly the L/XL is too small for me.

  8. Cliff

    lrg/xl out of stock already? Bummer dude :/

  9. RL Policar!

    To our surprise, the caps sold really well. In fact we only have 3 left of the small-med.


  10. Ben

    Woo Hoo! Mine just showed up. Nice cap, Thanks it’ll bee worn with pride here in Amarillo!


  11. RL Policar!

    Don’t forget to send us a photo:

    thank you!

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