Bike Jax, A Parody and a Tweed Ride

Our friends over at Bike Jax put up an interesting parody video about the sad state of bike infrastructure in the city of Jacksonville, Florida:

Hitler Advocates Bicycling in Jacksonville from Abhishek Mukherjee on Vimeo.

You may not identify with Hitler as a bike advocate, but if you’re a Florida resident, you can certainly identify with the anger and frustration at a state that simply falters when it comes to workable, intelligent bicycle infrastructure.

In other Bike Jax news, the 1st Annual Bike Jax Tweed Ride will be taking place on Sunday, March 4th:


Full details at the Jax Tweed Ride page.


  1. Raiyn

    Ummm Wow. Here I thought I was a cycling curmudgeon. Of course someone will point out Godwin’s Law….. oh wait.

  2. Graham

    I can’t believe that this part of the Third Reich was skipped in my history class! No wonder people say that public education needs reform!

  3. Abhishek

    Thanks for promoting us!

  4. BluesCat

    Raiyn – There is a corollary that says “Thanks to the Neocons, Godwin’s law is now obsolete.”

    Bicycling is a perfect proof for this corollary: not only are the Neocons closet Nazis, but they are the spearhead of the movement to remove bicycles from American life (since they are OBVIOUSLY an inappropriate, Third World form of transportation), and replace them with automobiles.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Hah…I wasn’t familiar with Godwin’s Law, so I looked it up. I wonder if Bike Jax accidentally stumbled across this idea or did it with the intention of flouting Godwin’s Law? 😉

  6. Bike Jax

    Jack, I had to look up Godwin’s Law myself. It’s safe to say we completely stumbled upon it in the hopes of providing some comic relief at the expense of ourselves as advocates and cyclists along with the city we live in.

  7. Raiyn

    Sadly, Blues Cat the Neocon tea swillers can’t just be harmless Sgt. Schultz types.

  8. Max Power

    Normally, when making one of these Hitler bunker parodies, Hitler is supposed to be in favor of the thing you oppose (e.g hated sports team, political candidate), so the viewer draws the conclusion “Hitler is angry at X, so X must be good”

    Making one where Hitler is angry at the lack of bike lanes is confusing.

  9. JohnnyK

    Hehehe @Max Power Wow this discussion achieved Godwin’s law observation in 8 posts awesome!

    In other news as a bike commuter in Jacksonville I really appreciate everything that BikeJax and the Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition is trying to do. Keep up the good work guys and I will see you on the Tweed ride.

  10. Ghost Rider

    @JohnnyK — we love BikeJax too…without them, “Jacksonhole” (please forgive my unabashed dislike of the city) would be a wasteland.

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