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There are a few bike-related news stories in the news that we wanted to share with you:

1) Long Beach is aiming to become the most bicycle-friendly city in America. The article at The Atlantic Cities illustrates the achievements and future plans of Long Beach in making good on this proclamation. You may recall that we visited Long Beach back in 2008 for their Bike-To-Work Day. Also, former BC writer Russ Roca took photos of Long Beach’s bike share program when it launched in 2008. Take a look at those here.

2) Fullerton, CA to get a bike-sharing system…this one’s near and dear to our hearts as the West Coast HQ of Bikecommuters.com is in Fullerton. Currently, the city is seeking bids from contractors for a pilot installation of 150 bikes at 15 stations around the city. Details can be found at the OC Register.

3) A need for a bigger tax subsidy for bike commuters — here’s one that popped up in the Google newsfeed the other day — a comment on TaxProf Blog that links to an article in the St. Louis University Law Journal. If the Federal Government can encourage more people to use two wheels to get to work, I’m all for it…and the paltry tax break employers can currently (but don’t have to) offer is hardly enticing.

4) Most of you already know that we love “Portland East”, or “MPLS”, or The Mini Apple…we’ve mentioned something positive about their bike scene about once a month ’round these parts. Well, there’s more good news coming from the city…take a look at the D.C. Streetsblog’s coverage of Minneapolis’s first ever “Bicycle Account”, a compilation of cycling data.

Alright, that should give most of you a good bit of reading for the day. Enjoy!