“Return of the Moocher” Coming to MPLS

Our friends at Banjo Brothers and O2 Rainwear are cosponsoring a gala event (along with Twin Six and Handsome Cycles) on February 18th…here, take a look at the flyer and press release for all the lurid details:


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Minneapolis Bike Industry Companies 02 Rainwear, Twin Six, Handsome Cycles and Banjo Brothers Team Up Again for Cutters Ball III “Return of the Moocher” on February 18th at 7pm.

The Annual Party Features Free Food, Free Booze and a Healthy Dose of MPLS Bike Culture for Local Cyclists and Visiting Bike Shop Personnel Who Are In Town for an Industry Tradeshow

February 1, 2012 – Minneapolis, MN— For the third consecutive year four of the cycling industry’s emerging new brands, Handsome Cycles, 02 Rainwear, Twin Six and Banjo Brothers partnered to host the Cutters Ball. The Cutters Ball is an underground, unsanctioned celebration of Minneapolis Bike Culture for local cyclists and a free social event for visiting bike shop staff that are in Minneapolis for an annual trade show. The free party takes place in South Minneapolis, in the workspace of custom frame builder, Peacock Groove.

The event was the brainchild of Handsome Cycles’ founders Jesse Erickson and Ben Morrison who recruited the other local companies into the mix. For those not familiar, the “Cutters” reference is in homage to Breaking Away, 1979 Academy Award -winning cycling film. Like the “Cutters” from the film the four brands involved have all bootstrapped their respective companies to success with a combination of street smarts, hard work and a commitment to game-changing products.

The annual event which is by all accounts, “just a damn good party,” does create a venue for like-minded cyclists to brave the normally frigid February temperatures ton seek out free food from Jimmy Johns, beer from Pabst Brewing and music. For those in town from other cites, it presents a unique opportunity to dive head-first into Minneapolis cycling culture. For the four brands involved, they hope the long game will result in better brand awareness and a deeper network of industry contacts.

To raise the profile of this year’s event, the brands are going a step beyond their normal use of social media and bike-friendly websites to promote the event. One hundred select dealers, culled from the customer lists, media contacts and sales targets from the four brands, will receive a one-of-a-kind screen printed seat cover designed by industry pioneers Twin Six. The item is bound to become a collectible. The seat cover’s hang tag will come with it a Top Talent VIP distinction and details of the event.

The Cutters Ball takes place Saturday, February 18th from 7pm-?? at 2718 East 28th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event is free. Host sponsors are Twin Six, Banjo Brothers, 02 Rainwear and Handsome Cycles. Other sponsors include Hed Cycling, Peacock Groove, Kurt Kinetic, Jimmy Johns and Pabst Brewing Co.

About Twin Six
Twin Six is a fashion-forward cycling apparel company located in Minneapolis who offers finely designed cycling lifestyle apparel and a whole mess of other good stuff.


About Handsome Cycles
Handsome Cycle Co. was started a few years ago by a couple of guys in Minneapolis who wanted to create classically styled, versatile bicycles for a price within reach of the many—not the privileged few.
The Handsome line of bicycles have been crafted from steel because of its comfortable ride and its tried and true reliability. But steel is not handsome—people are. Handsome is about people riding bicycles that reflect the individual’s style and riding needs. So, please take a long, handsome look—better still, a handsome ride.


About 02 Rainwear
Developed by Rain Shield, Inc., O2 Rainwear is a national biking apparel line offering affordable protection from the elements for anyone who rides — from serious cyclists to casual rec riders. We’re based in Minneapolis, one of the most active cycling communities in the country. Our own passion for cycling means we get it: we understand why you’re out there, rain or shine, and we know what you need from your gear to keep you going back for more. Since 1997, we’ve been creating O2 Rainwear products to help you make the most of your ride.


About Banjo Brothers
Founded in 2003 by Mike Vanderscheuren and Eric Leugers in Minneapolis (not brothers), Banjo Brothers make a line of high quality, well-built and affordable panniers, waterproof backpacks, grocery bag panniers, handlebar bags, seat bags, messenger bags, and more for bike commuters, recreational and urban cyclists.


About Breaking Away
Breaking Away is a coming of age story which follows a group of four male teenagers in Bloomington, Indiana, who have recently graduated from high school. Breaking Away was acknowledged as the eighth best film in the sports genre by the American Film Institute.

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