Guerilla Bike Lanes?

I have long fantasized about building some sort of bike-lane-painting contraption to mount on the back of my Xtracycle…merrily spraying new lanes wherever I ride. My fantasy is nothing new, of course — plenty of people have taken up the idea when they become frustrated with their city’s lack of bike infrastructure. In New York City, activists repainted a lane that was removed by the City.

And the hits keep on coming: in Mexico City, frustrated cyclists took brushes in hand and created their own 5 km lane, complete with lane markings and green “bike boxes”. Take a look at the following article and video (in Spanish):

We at applaud these efforts, even if we don’t necessarily condone them…as most of us know, it takes more than a line of paint to make a safe and useful bike lane. There are engineering considerations and a whole lot of other planning to make bicycle infrastructure successful. And, painting your own lanes can be dangerous from a legal perspective, as this article in Grist indicates.


  1. Mike Myers

    I can see you doing that, Jack. Preferably while wearing your Walz cap, a full beard, and wool jersey, while riding a Dutch bike. Yehuda Sweeney!

  2. harry krishna

    kramer could help with this.

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