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Here’s a quick Wednesday roundup of some commuter news for you:

1) The highly-acclaimed Martin Olav Sabo Bike-Pedestrian Bridge in Minneapolis had some sort of structural cable failure…forcing the closure of the bridge to users. It’s unclear what sort of re-routing of bike/ped traffic is going on there…any MPLS readers care to enlighten us as to route alternatives?

2) The $14,000 Gucci/Bianchi “commuter bike” is getting a lot of press…billed as a “bike for the commuting one-percenters”, it smacks of wretched excess (and to my eyes, isn’t particularly attractive OR capable). Your thoughts?

3) Not to be outdone by Gucci, designer Phillipe Stark announced plans to build a 3000-strong fleet of bike-share bikes for the city of Bordeaux, France. Unlike the Gucci, I actually sort of like the look of the Stark machine…but have only seen renderings so far.

4) The city of New Orleans has gotten some more favorable press based on the Benchmarking Report we posted about a few weeks ago. NOLA has really upped their game to become a more bike-friendly city, and we applaud their efforts!

5) Are bike lanes really “green”? That’s the subject of an essay over at Smart Planet…focusing on the State of California and their exhaustive Environmental Quality Act, which requires extensive impact studies for any project that affects traffic moving through California’s streets.

6) We still have a handful of our limited-edition cotton t-shirts. Heavyweight cotton, striking color, simple logo…and all yours for $15.00 (which includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.). Details on ordering can be found by clicking here.

Ok, that’s enough for now…get to reading, and please share your comments and thoughts with us.


  1. Ben

    That Bianchi bike looks like one you could get for $400 or $500. What a rip-off! At that price it should come with solar powered jet engines.

  2. Ben

    And by the way, keep up the good work Jack. This blog is an inspiration to all who read it.

  3. mocon

    The Sabo bridge in Mpls links the Midtown Greenway and allows bicyclist and peds to safely cross a busy four lane road. Crossing at grade at the nearby controlled intersection is an option and there is another bike/ped bridge about 1/2 mile north.

  4. Ghost Rider

    @Ben — thanks, man! You just made my day!!! It’s a labor of love for us, and we are always happy to hear that our work is being appreciated.

    @mocon — thanks for the update. I was under a bit of an impression that the loss of the Sabo bridge really put a damper on that route, but I am glad to hear there are reasonable alternatives. Hiawatha Avenue is a pretty busy street, and on-grade crossing isn’t too much of a hassle, I suppose.

  5. Mike Myers

    I could have any number of custom builders make a much better commuter. Even if I went crazy and had Vanilla or Bilenky throw all the bells and whistles on it, I’d still end up cheaper than the Bianchiuccci. People never fail to amuse me. I believe some fashion designer did a line of bikes for Target. TARGET! Cheaply made Chinese town bikes, and they sell on eBay for multiple times their retail.

    Crazy. I bet you could have a Moots Comooter made for less than the Bianchiuccci. And it’s custom made titanium!

  6. Rider

    What is it about Minneapolis and bridges?

    The 1-percenters aren’t going to ride a $500 bike. Get real.

    Maybe Gucci will give one to Kim Kardashian. Seeing her on two wheels would be good for the cause of bicycle commuting. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how our culture operates.

  7. Rider

    That French bike-share design is interesting. I like that the front basket is attached to the frame, not the fork.

    The site in the link says that the desgign is “a concept that allows the rider to sit and pedal in the conventional way, or stand on a platform and use like a scooter.”

    I don’t get it. Use it like a scooter? Bordeaux must be one of those towns were all the slopes point downhill.

    As a result, it would appear to have a weakness where the platform attaches to the fore and aft parts. The frame may have to be up-engineered to keep it in one piece.

    Gonna be heavy!

  8. Graham

    Rider – The article seemed to indicate that the town has a bunch of ped-only zones which would force commuters to dismount… maybe that’s it’s intent.

  9. BluesCat

    $14,000 for an Italian bicycle?? It better be Catrinel Menghia in disguise. (That smoking hot Romanian/Italian model disguised as the Fiat 500 Abarth.)

    Of course sex sells: why do you think hot rod magazines sell millions of copies? Because they have photos of string bikini clad sirens stroking the painted-on flames of your grandfather’s cars!

  10. bigbenaugust

    No rack, it’s completely useless.

  11. bigbenaugust

    … and who’s going to ride a commuter with Super Record? Geez, just get a car. 🙂

    Seriously, I will have to get my sister in Bordeaux to give me all the dirt on the Stark bikes when they hit the streets.

  12. JazzyJ

    I hadn’t heard about the Gucci/Bianchi bike. I’m not impressed by the price or the look. However, Playboy featured the Detroit Bicycle Company’s “Madison Street” this month and it gave me hearts in my eyes:
    $3,600 – so still a bit out of my price range but the beauty is undeniable.

  13. Ghost Rider

    Oooh,that’s pretty! But you know what? If you like that, you’re gonna LOVE this:

  14. JazzyJ

    That’s some serious bling. I love observing the ridiculous excess of it. It’s like those shows where they bring out a Bugatti Veyron that’s been styled on the interior by Hermes. Just completely outrageous and pointless. Swarovski Crystals on a bike? I can get behind that.

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