T-shirt supply is dwindling…

If you’ve missed your chance at ordering a limited-edition t-shirt at a reduced rate — time is running out.

As of this morning, we have a handful of smalls and a handful of XLs. Mediums and larges are sold out. So, if you’re pipsqueaky or Herculean, we’ve got you covered…simply use the PayPal ordering button below:



Thanks to all of you who ordered shirts…they’ve all been shipped via USPS and should be in your hot little hands already (if not soon).


  1. Mir.I.Am

    Don’t look so excited in your photo, Ghost Rider… (said with sarcastic internet tone)!

  2. Ghost Rider

    What?!? You don’t recognize “Blue Steel” when you see it?

  3. JazzyJ

    I got mine. LOVE IT. The color is awesome. Highly recommended 🙂

  4. Ghost Rider

    Are you going to perform your customary “t-shirt surgery” on it? 😉

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