Win a pair Genuine Wool Socks

We just got these in on Tuesday and before we make it available to the general public, we want to give away a pair of our first ever, WOOL SOCKS! Wool socks feature a reinforced toe and heel and a 4″ cuff to keep your ankles and Achilles tendons warm. With these wool socks, your feet will be comfortable and dry, mile after mile, whether riding or just hanging around even in colder weather! Wool blended with Lycra for stretch and reinforced with nylon at toe and heel.

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Depending on how many entries we receive, we’ll pick a random number that coincides with that comment and BAM! You’ve got yourself a pair of socks! Only 1 person will be picked. Staff members are not eligible.

BC socks with sizing
β€Ž60% Wool, 25% Acrylic, 10% polypropylene, 5% spandex.

Contest ends 03/05/2012 12noon PST


  1. Brent Logan


    Had to do it. I’d love a pair.

    Good luck to everyone. πŸ™‚

  2. daze

    Love those socks!

  3. Jeff Morgan

    Wool is real!

  4. hermes

    rl, rl, rl, rl.

  5. Aaron

    As a died in the wool sock enthusiast I would love to win a pair of these wonderful items. ha

  6. no1mad

    I could use a pair.

  7. Donald Hayward


  8. Tina Pham

    I hope I win! socks rocks!

  9. James

    Socks! with bikes!

  10. jeremy

    i like socks!

  11. Juan Hernandez Jr.

    I could use a pair of those socks here in Omaha, Nebraska. I haven’t gone out on my bike since I moved here 5 months ago. This weather is horrible.

  12. scaryseth

    Those socks rock!

  13. Yolanda Martinez

    Those wool socks will keep my feet warm. Good Luck to everyone πŸ˜‰

  14. Kiana Martinez

    I want them for my mom =)

  15. Jerry Landrum

    Those will go great with my Pink Tux. πŸ™‚

  16. Gregg Howard

    At 70 and still riding…. Hey, I need those socks!!!!

  17. Matt

    These are too cool. Good luck.

  18. Mike Myers

    Wool socks are great year round. I haven’t worn cotton or synthetic socks on my bike for years.

  19. LuckyChow99

    Large will do nicely! They’re good lookers, by the way.

  20. adventure!

    Wool socks! Steel bikes! Scads of shellacked cork tape! Twine! Retro-Grouchery forever!

  21. Adam Bonanno

    i hope i win these ill look like a bossss

  22. dygituljunky

    Pick me! Pick me!

  23. Rudy Hewitt

    Frozen toes no more welcome toasted toes

  24. AdamJH

    I love wool socks! Keep me warm!

  25. Anna

    I like socks

  26. Mike Evans

    My feet want these

  27. Thomas Brock

    I love socks!

  28. Steve A

    If I win, donate my pair to a good cause.

  29. Rick

    These socks will match my hat.

  30. Brad

    Almost glad I delayed sending in an article…(you know, since now I’m not a staff member!). Sweet socks guys!

  31. Matt

    Wool is cool!

  32. douglas

    im in for some socks!

  33. Ed Rousculp

    Great socks. Thanks for the offer.

  34. Paul G

    Great looking socks!

  35. Melanie

    These would keep my feet nice and happy!

  36. Everett

    Nice socks!

  37. John Hogan

    look nice and warm

  38. Jay

    Cool socks, I’d rock those bad boys!

  39. jersey rider

    would make a nice poster frame,,please may i win and be proud to hang up the socks.

  40. tom bach

    Wools socks rule.

  41. David


  42. Nic Lindbergh

    As George Michael would say, “I want your socks.”

  43. Kim F.

    They’d look good when I’m working!

  44. Jeff K

    Medium please… These are great socks.

  45. Kevin

    I love wool socks.

  46. Japhy Ryder

    I have never worn wool socks before.

  47. Micheal M.

    Yes please!

  48. Cliff

    Dem is purdy;)

  49. Jim Tolar

    I needs me a new pair of socks!

  50. locus

    I have holes in many old pairs of socks, so I could use a new pair!

  51. Ginger

    These would be so cool and match all my black riding clothes! πŸ™‚

    Pick me!

  52. Bala

    They look great!

  53. Warren Kurtz

    NICE! The bright orange would match my commuting style quite nicely.

  54. harry krishna

    i would look so cool in these @ the kroger on wednesday getting my discount

  55. Scott Cramer

    You can never have too many wool socks.

  56. Ben

    “you could wrap it up in ribbons or stick it in a sock!”, send me your socks!!!


  57. ethan

    Mm socks.

  58. Chris Hughes

    Count me in.

  59. db

    Those look great. Count me in when they go up for sale.

  60. Isaac

    I want the socks.

  61. Allison

    Hey, I need those socks.

  62. kIT

    Nice socks!

  63. Jamie


  64. Kyle Griggs

    Love wool socks.

  65. BluesCat

    Mmmmmm … wool socks

  66. A New Bike

    Haha whoa, you guys are definitely setting the bar for bike website schwag. Send ’em this way.

  67. bigbenaugust

    67 is such a high number… but you never know until you try.

  68. Dan Nay

    Nice socks…

  69. Brian

    Ahh… Warm feet!

  70. theguth

    sweet, i love socks!

  71. Brian Gee

    RIP Socks, the best occupant the White House has ever seen. Oh, and I’d love those foot-warmers, too.

  72. PushingWind

    Wool socks are nice in Colorado this time of year.

  73. Danny

    I’m slowly building my wool sock collection in hopes that I’ll get to a point where I can stop wearing cotton. These would help!

  74. Coco

    I hope I win these cool socks!

  75. Vincent Lyon

    Worth a shot! They look great!

  76. Scott

    Woo-hoo! I love socks! :^)

  77. Chris

    Bike socks are sexy!

  78. matt


  79. Noah

    I wish I had enough money so that all the socks in my drawer were wool. Winning these would get me one step closer. Come on baby!

  80. Dan

    Black and orange are the team colors of my high school!

  81. Joey

    I like socks, but I love!

  82. Keith

    I need a new pair of wool socks, its almost time to put away the winter shoes and break out the sandles

  83. Sock Champion


  84. Drew

    Those are some sexy looking socks!

  85. Melanie Kramme

    Sock it to me

  86. Mark Potts

    Woo hoo! I can always use another pair of nice socks!

  87. Leilani Loredo

    Wouldn’t mind some new socks! Hope I win!

  88. Wan


  89. Dan

    I’d like to win a cozy pair! Nice style too!

  90. Ralph

    I need more socks πŸ™‚

  91. Faceman

    I need socks too!

  92. Alyson

    wool is the way

  93. Marcus

    That orange is Eddy Merkyx orange.

  94. Ghost Rider

    @Marcus — of course it is (to be accurate, it’s known as “Molteni orange”).

  95. Joe O

    These socks look awesome!

  96. Brad Wheelock

    I want a pair, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

  97. Jeff Perry

    Quite sweet!

  98. Rachel H

    Wool socks are lifesavers!!!

  99. Chris

    Wool socks are my favorite!

  100. trailz

    Wooly wooly!

  101. Matt


  102. Andrew

    I think this may be my lucky day. And I need some new socks, bad.

  103. Doug Jesseph

    Socks! Wool!! With a Bike on ’em!!! What’s not to like?

  104. Tim

    Really enjoy you guys and would love to get BC wool socks.

  105. David

    Socks made from a renewable resource, to wear during renewable commutes. Brilliant!

  106. Vanessa

    I like socks.

  107. Jack


    This is what happens to those who wait. I wanted that job too!

  108. Ghost Rider

    Comments are now closed. Good luck, everyone!

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